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    Achim Wagner was born in Coburg, Germany, in 1967. He now lives in Ankara and Berlin as a poet, translator and photographer. Besides poetry, he writes plays, essays and prose, and he translates contemporary Turkish poetry into German. Wagner has published a number of books, most recently a volume of poems in Turkish “Hafif Coğrafya” (“Light Geography”; Nika Publishing, Ankara). Wagner has received many awards, in 2009 f.i. he received the Istanbul Fellowship of Kunststiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen. Wagner is also active as a photographer and many of his works have appeared in magazines and newspapers. In 2014, Nika Publishing issued two volumes of photo reportage: “Şiir Sokakta” (“Poem In the Street”), which depicts poetry as a street art and protest form, and “Gezi'den Soma'ya Hayat Sokakta” (“From Gezi to Soma - Life in the Street”), which sheds light on the protest years 2013-2014 in Turkey. He has had solo exhibitions in the Middle East Technical University (Ankara, 2012), the Goethe-Institut Ankara (2015) and the Cappadocia Vocational School, Mustafapaşa Campus (2015). Wagner's exhibition of photos of war refugees in the major cities of Turkey is currently open to visitors in the Town Hall of Steglitz, Berlin.

    Selected Titles
    - Fernsichten, Fotoessay, edition villa waldberta, Munich, 2011
    - Flugschau, SIC-Literaturverlag, Aachen-Zürich, 2011,2013
    - Vor Einer Ankunft, Yedermann Verlag, Munich, 2006

    Publications in Turkish
    - Şiir Sokakta (Poem In the Street), Nika Publishing, Ankara 2014
    - Gezi'den Soma'ya Hayat Sokakta (From Gezi to Soma - Life in the Street), Nika Publishing, Ankara 2014
    - Hafif Coğrafya (Light Geography), Nika Publishing, Ankara 2013
    - Camekân Sokağı (Camekân Street), Edition Bakkal, Istanbul 2010