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    Publisher and publicist; born in 1954 in Caputh/Potsdam in East Germany. He studied philosophy and Latin America studies from 1975-1980 in Berlin and Leipzig. 1980-1986 he worked as an editor in charge of Latin America for the Berliner Zeitung newspaper, as book author and reviewer for the cultural magazine Sonntag. From 1986 on he was the assistant of the publishing director of Aufbau-Verlag Berlin/Weimar.

    After the abolition of censorship at December 1st in 1989 he founded one of the first private publishing houses in the GDR with a focus on politics and 20th-century history. He wrote books and articles about the political and economical changes in East Germany and in 2008 he received his PhD with the dissertation “Transfiguration of the East German publishing industry in the process of German unification”. Guest lectures at Humboldt University in Berlin, Leipzig University and the College of technology, economy and culture in Leipzig.

    Christoph Links has been a member of the P.E.N since 1991, 1992-2002 he was a member of the supervisory board of the Frankfurt Book Fair and 1998-2005 member of the advisory board for medium sized enterprises in the federal ministry of economics.