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    Ilija Trojanow was born in 1965 in Sofia. In 1971 he fled to Germany with his family, travelling via Yugoslavia and Italy. A few years later they moved on to Kenya, where he became an enthusiastic sportsman. From 1984 to 1989, he studied law and ethnology in Munich, where, in 1989, he founded the Kyrill & Method publishing house. In 1991, he started Marino publishing with a focus on African literature. Trojanow moved to Bombay in 1998 and Cape Town in 2003. Today, when he is not travelling, he lives in Vienna, where he works as a writer, translator and journalist. His first book, “Die Welt ist groβ und Rettung lauert überall”, was published in 1996. This was followed by his bestselling and award-winning works “Der Weltensammler” and “EisTau”, which have been translated into more than twenty languages. His large-scale Bulgarian novel “Macht und Weiderstand” was longlisted for the German Book Award 2015 and is currently being translated into Turkish. In 2016, the multi-talented Trojanow published “Meine Olympiade” a book which reflects his own experiences and gives insights into the world of sport.

    Selected Titles
    - Meine Olympiade. Ein Amateur, vier Jahre, 80 Disziplinen, S. Fischer Verlage, Frankfurt/Main 2016
    - Macht und Widerstand. S. Fischer Verlage, Frankfurt/Main 2015
    - Gebrauchsanweisung für Indien, Hanser, Munich 2012
    - EisTau. Hanser, Munich 2010
    - Nomade auf vier Kontinenten. Auf den Spuren von Sir Richard Francis Burton, Hanser, Munich 2008
    - Der Weltensammler, Novel, Munich 2006
    - Die Welt ist Groβ und Rettung lauert überall. Hanser, Munich 1996

    Publications in Turkish
    - İktidar ve Direniş, Çev.: Melike Öztürk, Can Yayınları, Istanbul, 2016 (Kasım)