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    Peter Schneider was born in 1940 in Lübeck, Germany, and spent his early childhood in Konigsberg and Saxony. After a few years in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in the post war period, he moved to Freiburg with his family. He studied German language and literature, history and philosophy in Freiburg, Munich and Berlin. In 1967-68, he became a spokesperson for '68 movement, and was celebrated as such even in Italy. After completing his studies in 1973, he was turned down for a trainee teaching position because of his political activities. He took his first step as a writer with his novel “Lenz” (1973), which became a cult work among disillusioned people of the left. Since then he has written many short stories and novels, and his works have been translated into as many as 20 languages. He has written screenplays, as well as essays and articles for various German and international media. Since 1985, he has been a visiting associate professor and writer-in-residence at American universities such as Stanford, Princeton and Harvard. Peter Schneider is a member of PEN Germany. He was awarded the Villa-Massimo Fellowship in 1979, and will be a Tarabya Cultural Academy fellow in Istanbul, from September 2016 to November 2016. He lives in Berlin. 

    Selected Titles
    - An der Schönheit kann’s nicht liegen. Berlin –Porträt einer unfertigen Stadt, KiWi, Köln, 2015
    - Die Lieben meiner Mutter, KiWi, Köln, 2013
    - Rebellion und Wahn. Mein 68, KiWi, Köln, 2010
    - Skylla. Roman, Rowohlt Berlin, Berlin, 2005
    - Eduards Heimkehr. Roman, Rowohlt Berlin, Berlin, 1999
    - Paarungen. Roman, Rowohlt Berlin, Berlin, 1992
    - Lenz. Erzählung, Rotbuch, Berlin, 1973

    Publications in Turkish
    - Çiftleşmeler Translated by İlknur İgan. Afa Publishing, Istanbul 1997
    - Lenz Translated by Füsun Ant. Afa Publishing, Istanbul 1988