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    Tobias Hülswitt was born in 1973 in Hannover and grew up in Pfalz. Following his vocational education on stonemasonry, he started his higher education in 1997 at Leipzig German Literature Institute. He published his first novel, SAGA, in 2000. He gave lectures at Berlin Art University and Hildesheim University and was a visiting professor at Leipzig German Literature Institute. Besides writing articles for various daily newspapers and periodicals, he also writes scenarios as an assistant scenario writer. Together with Florian Thalhofer, a media artist and a founder of Korsakov Institute, he organized a series of events titled Hilfe! Freiheit! (Help! Freedom!) at Munich Chamber Theatre and interactive conversations Woran glaubst du, Europa? (What do you believe in, Europe?) performed at Goethe Institute - Prag. Events titled Werden wir die Erde retten? Gespräche über die Zukunft von Technologie und Planet (Will we save the World? Conversations on the Future of Technology and the Planet) carried out within Federal Culture Foundation with participation of scientists, artists and philosophers were published under the same title. Award winning writer Tobias Hülswitt won Berlin Literature Colloquium and Los Angeles Villa Aurora fellowship. 

    Selected Titles
    - Werden wir die Erde retten? Gespräche über die Zukunft von Technologie und Planet, Suhrkamp, Berlin, 2017
    - Handbuch des nonlinearen Erzählens, Ed. Paecherhaus, Hildesheim, 2011
    - Werden wir ewig leben? Gespräche über die Zukunft von Mensch und Technologie, Suhrkamp, Berlin, 2010
    - Dinge bei Licht. Erzählung, KiWi, Köln, 2008
    - Bernhard Bonsai geht sich rächen. Mit Glummi Riday, LeiV, Leipzig, 2006
    - Der kleine Herr Mister. Roman, KiWi, Köln 2006
    - Saga. Roman, KiWi, Köln, 2000

    Publications in Turkish
    - Sonsuza Kadar Yaşayacak mıyız? İnsanın ve Teknolojinin Geleceği Üzerine Konuşmalar. Roman Brinzanik, Tobias Hülswitt. Çev.:Ümit Kaya. 1. baskı, İletişim Publishing, Istanbul, 2012