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    Wilhelm Schmid was born in 1953 in Billenhausen, Swabia (Bavaria).  He spent his childhood in a rural area with his five siblings.  He trained as a typesetter and served in the German Army for four years before completing high school in 1980 and going on to study philosophy and history in the Free University of Berlin, the Sorbonne, and University of Tübingen.  He obtained his PhD in 1991 with a dissertation on Michel Foucault.  After lecturing in universities in Leipzig, Berlin, Erfurt and Jena, he became an associate professor in 1997 at Erfurt University, where he would become a full professor in 2004.  He was a visiting professor in Riga, Latvia and Tbilisi, Georgia.  For a time, he offered “spiritual counseling by philosophy” services in the Spital Affoltern Hospital in Zurich.  He won the 2012 Meckatzer Philosophy Prize for his acts of charity through philosophy.  He also won a prize by the Dr. Margrit Egner Foundation in Zurich for his works on the art of life in 2013.  His works have been translated to fifteen languages and sold more than one million copies worldwide.

    Selected Works
    - Vom Nutzen der Feindschaft, Suhrkamp, 2015
    - Sexout. Und die Kunst, neu anzufangen, Suhrkamp, Berlin 2015
    - Gelassenheit. Was wir gewinnen, wenn wir älter werden, Suhrkamp, Berlin 2014
    - Vom Glück der Freundschaft, Suhrkamp, Berlin 2014
    - Unglücklich sein. Eine Ermutigung, Suhrkamp, Berlin 2012
    - Die Liebe neu erfinden. Von der Lebenskunst im Umgang mit Anderen, Suhrkamp, Berlin 2010
    - Glück. Alles, was Sie darüber wissen müssen, und warum es nicht das Wichtigste im Leben ist, Suhrkamp, Frankfurt/Main 2007

    Publications in Turkish
    - Arkadaşlıktaki Saadete Dair. Translated by Tanıl Bora; 1. Baskı. İletişim Publishing, Istanbul, 2015
    - Sakin Olmak. Yaşlanırken Kazandıklarımız. Translated by Tanıl Bora; 3. Baskı. İletişim Publishing, Istanbul, 2015
    - Aşk. Translated by Tanıl Bora; 2. Baskı. İletişim Publishing, Istanbul, 2015
    - Mutsuz Olmak Bir Yüreklendirme. Translated by Tanıl Bora; 4. baskı. İletişim Publishing, Istanbul, 2015